Is Dream Home worth it in Starfield?

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starfield dream home
September 8, 2023: Starfield is now available and is the Dream Home trait worth using? Find out in our guide.

During the character creation in Starfield, you select a trait for your character that becomes one of your defining features throughout the game. Each available trait comes with a unique buff and an equally interesting drawback. In this guide, we will look at one such trait called Dream Home, and answer the question, is the Dream Home trait worth it in Starfield?

With the Dream Home trait, you start your journey in Starfield with a nice, comfortable house under your name. However, the comfort of having your own place to crash isn’t cheap, as it comes with a hefty 125,000 credit debt. You will have to pay the mortgage in full or a weekly interest of 500 credits to keep using this facility. So, let’s see if the Dream Home is worth it or if the burden of an immense debt outweighs its usefulness.

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Is the Starfield Dream Home worth it?

To answer this question briefly, yes, the Dream Home debt is worth the sizeable mortgage you have to pay for it in Starfield. However, like most of the conundrums you encounter in this expansive RPG, there are some caveats to this. Whether the Dream Home trait is right for you can totally depend on your play style and your approach with Starfield.

On one hand, 125,000 credits can’t be paid off easily, since you’ll start your adventure scraping for chump change. So, if you’re someone who would rather invest the credits into purchasing better gear for your character initially, you may want to hold off on that money.

On the other hand, Dream Home gives you a personal suite for storing your items and maintaining your inventory. This place is also highly customisable, so you can easily change it to your liking. Although you can buy more houses as you make progress in the game, this Dream Home is one of the most affordable places in the market, with a substantial benefit early on in the game.

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Where to find the Dream Home and how to pay the mortgage in Starfield

The Dream Home becomes available during the Dream Home side quest in Starfield. This side quest is unlocked after you complete the main quest The Old Neighborhood, which is the second mission in the game. You can find the Dream Home on the Nesoi planet in the Olympus star system. It is located near the Nesoi landing port.


In order to pay the mortgage, you have to visit Landry Hollifeld in New Atlantis. There, you get the option to pay the amount in full and gain unrestricted access to the house. However, the best approach is to keep paying the weekly interest of 500 credits to keep using the house. After about 10-15 hours of playtime, you will have plenty of spare cash to pay the mortgage in full and have the house to yourself.

Now, with the Dream Home in your possession, you will always have a place to return to amidst the stars. For more, visit the Starfield guide hub to learn everything you need to know about the game. We've also got a look at how to change language in Starfield.

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