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March 14, 2023: Here is a list of all our Hogwarts Legacy guides for easier access.

Looking for a general list of Hogwarts Legacy guides? We've got you covered. It might not have the allure of a printed strategy tome by your side as you play, but it's the best we can do. If you're struggling to make sense of a puzzle, can't quite track down that particular object, or just need a bit of help with the combat system, read on: we've got everything you need below.


There's a lot to explore already, but with lengthy quest lines and hundreds of hidden objects, it can get pretty overwhelming trying to keep track. This is especially true when you're trying to look up information on beating that one quest or finding that one collectable item.

We'ev built up quite the database of guides for Hogwarts Legacy, and to ease the volume a bit, we've condensed all of the guides into one easy place here for you to look through. Consider this your one-stop shop for all things Hogwarts Legacy. We've broken our guides up into a few different categories to help you find them easier.

Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Guides

Hogwarts Legacy Combat Guides


Hogwarts Legacy spell guides

Hogwarts Legacy systems guides


Hogwarts Legacy quest guides

Hogwarts Legacy exploration guides


And that's all of our guides! Be sure to check regularly as we'll add any new guides that we make for Hogwarts Legacy to this master list here for your convenience.