Hogwarts Legacy spells list - All spells you can cast

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Two characters are fighting in Hogwarts Legacy.

Exciting fights against dangerous magical beasts and powerful villains are the most interesting part of the Harry Potter movies. Of course, many Harry Potter fans expect to see a detailed and complex battle system in Hogwarts Legacy. Even though it is pretty hard to predict whether their dreams will come true, there is a Hogwarts Legacy spells list that can tell you a lot about combat in the game.

By reading this guide, you will learn about this list and all spells you can cast playing Hogwarts Legacy. The game is yet to be officially released, but we already know plenty about the kind of spells you can cast.


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A witch casting a spell in front of a fiery backdrop in Hogwarts Legacy.

Which spells are in Hogwarts Legacy?

The current Hogwarts Legacy spells list is likely to be expanded. In this article, we include only spells shown during trailers or officially mentioned on Twitter and other sources, which is a small part of all spells in Hogwarts Legacy.


Also, most of the attacks shown in this guide will not be available once you are at the beginning game’s stages. You'll need to attend all necessary subjects and play the game more to unlock more spells in Hogwarts Legacy. Below is a table with all spells you can cast in Hogwarts Legacy revealed so far.

Name Type of Spell Effect
RevelioEssentialReveals hidden items and objects
Venomous Tentacula PlantAttackGradually deals damage to enemies
CrucioAttackFreezes enemies and deal continuous damage to the enemy
ImperioAttackTurns the enemy into your friend
Avada KedavraAttackInstantly kills any enemy in spite of HP and other stats
ConfrigoAttackDeals significant damage by explosion
DiffindoAttackCuts enemies into two parts
Petrificus TotalisAttackFreezes enemies allowing you to one-shot them
OppugnoAttackAllows you to throw objects at enemies
IncendioAttackCreates a deadly fire under enemy’s feet
LumosAttackLights up your wand
DescendoAttackSmashes enemies from the air to the ground
LeviosoAttackBreaks yellow shields by launching enemies up in the air
AccioAttackBreaks purple shields by launching enemies up in the air
ProtegoDefensiveProvides you the protection against spells
Rock Skin PotionDefensiveIncreases your character's protection, allowing them to take less damage
Wiggenweld PotionDefensiveHeals your character
Mandrake plantDefensiveStuns all enemies around you
Focus PotionDefensiveAllows you to use spells more frequently by decreasing cooldown

As you can see, there are many more attacking spells than defensive spells in Hogwarts Legacy. However, this difference is likely to be fixed once the game gets a public release and further game updates.

That’s it for our Hogwarts Legacy spells list. Learning all of these spells might take a lot of time. So, you should be ready to devote the hours into the game to be effective during combat. While you are still here, make sure to check our guide on whether multiplayer is in Hogwarts Legacy.