How big is Hogwarts Legacy's map?

The castle in Hogwarts Legacy.

The castle in Hogwarts Legacy.
March 23, 2023: The Hogwarts Legacy map is huge, but just how big is it? Scroll down for everything you need to know

Now that the Hogwarts Legacy release date has finally arrived, news and rumours are popping up more and more frequently. Undoubtedly, the Hogwarts Legacy map is one of the hottest topics. Since it is an open world RPG set in the world of Harry Potter, expectations are high for how cool the map will be.

Using what we know so far, we'll go over how big the Hogwarts Legacy map is. Also, this guide includes exciting details about the in-game map that Harry Potter fans might be very excited about.

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How big is the Hogwarts Legacy map?

Multiple students in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Before looking at specific areas in the Hogwarts Legacy map, it'd be good to get an idea of the map's overall size. Unfortunately, there have been no official comments on the size of the map exactly. The only time developers commented on the map was during the official behind the scenes YouTube video.

During this six-minute video, the game director Alan Tew told us that developers understand that people expect to see a significant open world map. He said, “we knew it wasn’t going to be enough to just stare out of the windows of Hogwarts and wonder what it’s like out there.”

Moreover, during the video, developers also showed us a lot of the beautiful areas outside Hogwarts. Therefore, even though there are no officially confirmed map measurements, it is clear that developers did their best to create an expansive and impressive open world map.

Also, since Hogwarts Legacy is set in the late 1800s, some areas in the game might differ from the original Harry Potter books and film locations. How significant these differences will be will be unclear until we get our hands on the game.

Hogwarts Legacy map locations

The building in Hogwarts Legacy.
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One of the first officially confirmed areas is Forbidden Forest. It seems to be the most significant area in the game and it will include various small details from the Harry Potter books.

The second confirmed location is the Scottish Highlands. It is likely to be one of the most beautiful area in the game, but you'll need to use a broomstick to access it.

Elsewhere on the map, you'll find mountains, rivers, streams, ponds, and various other areas. It's just a shame you can't explore with your friends in multiplayer.

That’s it for what we know so far about the Hogwarts Legacy map. As you can see, the map is shaping up to be pretty impressive. If you're looking for more information on the game, here's what we know about Hogwarts Legacy Twitch drops, how to make money fast in Hogwarts Legacy, and how to learn Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy.

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