Hogwarts Legacy: Things You Might Have Missed In The Trailer

Hogwarts Legacy is the wizarding RPG we have all been waiting for.

It was announced during the Sony PlayStation PS5 Showcase.

Here are some things you may have missed in the Hogwarts Legacy trailer!

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Flying Carriage

At the beginning of the trailer, we see a flying carriage with an owl on top of it.

The Beauxbatons Academy of Magic actually used these carriages to get to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament.


The carriage mentioned above lands in a courtyard.

This is the Viaduct courtyard or Entrance courtyard.

Meaning this is where Umbridge fires Trelawny who teaches Divination.

Stained Glass

We enter the great hall and you get goosebumps.

If you look closely at the windows you'll see they're stained glass, representing each house.


Moving and talking portraits, the staple of Hogwarts.

One of the paintings can be seen telling students to keep it down in the library.

Potions Teacher

Bearing in mind Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 1800s.

Why does this potion teacher hold such a resembles to Sirius?

Could this be a Black ancestor?

Herbology Teacher

Red hair, hand-me-down robes? You must be a Weasley.

This herbology teacher has bright red hair, could this be a coincidence?

Yes. Do we hope it's a Weasley? Yes.


Hogsmede is shown breafly.

Could we visit Zonko's Joke Shop and play pranks on our fellow students or teachers?

Maybe we'll get some sweets from Honey Dukes?

The trailer leaves a lot up to the imagination as we aren't really told much.

Is there anything you saw that we missed? Let us know!

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