Can you change house in Hogwarts Legacy?

Picture of the sorting ceremony in Hogwarts Legacy

Picture of the sorting ceremony in Hogwarts Legacy

Need to know if you can change house in Hogwarts Legacy? If you're a fan of the Harry Potter universe and Hogwarts Legacy, then you've more than likely thought about which of the four houses the Sorting Hat would put you in. In Hogwarts Legacy, though, you'll get to make that choice for yourself. But what if you choose the wrong house?

Whether you're a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff, the house that you choose in Hogwarts Legacy will impact your gameplay quite a bit. It will influence the characters you meet, and possibly even the events of the game in some fashion. Whether it's for a particular trophy, achievement, or just a shift in your ideas, switching houses in Hogwarts Legacy is something to consider.

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Can you change house in Hogwarts Legacy?

When you start your journey in Hogwarts Legacy, you're going to go through the Wand and Sorting ceremonies. You'll be asked to pick your house in this rather than the Sorting Hat give you a house. Once you've picked that house, you're locked into that house for the game.

The same is true if you link your Harry Potter Fan Club account, pulling in your house and wand among other things for a more personal feeling to the entire gameplay experience.

In order to fully change which house you belong to, you're going to need to make a brand new save file and choose a different house. There's no sidequest that'll let you change houses, so you're stuck with your choice after the Sorting Ceremony until you decide to make a new character.

If you're hoping to complete any House-specific quests or achievements, you'll need to play through the game more than once. And knowing how long Hogwarts Legacy is now, that might be quite the challenge.

And that's all you need to know about changing your house in Hogwarts Legacy. If any new information comes out about this, then we'll update this page so be sure to check back.

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