Hogwarts Legacy potions list - All confirmed potions

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picture of students brewing potions in hogwarts legacy
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One of the more interesting pieces of Hogwarts Legacy and the Harry Potter world is its bewildering and exciting potions. There are so many kinds, and this Hogwarts Legacy potions list is our early attempt to detail every confirmed potion you'll be able to concoct. The release of Hogwarts Legacy is only a couple weeks away, and as tons of information starts to flood out, it's time to start paying attention.

Potions are going to be a pretty big part of the experience in Hogwarts Legacy, and you'll be able to create quite a few different kinds. There's some that you'll expect and some that you may not, but they're useful all the same.


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Hogwarts Legacy potions list - All confirmed combinations

Here are a list of all confirmed potions in Hogwarts Legacy and what they do. These come from a variety of videos and preview of the game from over the years, but expect a load more to come up during potions class:

  • Invisibility potion - Makes you invisible for a short while.
  • Wiggenweld potion - Restores health.
  • Felix Felicis potion - Increases your luck for a short while.
  • Edurus potion - Turns you into stone and increases defense.
  • Focus Potion - Reduces spell cooldown.
  • Maxima Potion - Increases all Spell Damage
  • Thunderbrew Potion - Stuns and damages nearby enemies

How do I create potions in Hogwarts Legacy?

Creating potions will be a common thing. You'll first need to gather ingredients around the castle and world. Then you'll need to brew them using the Potion station that's located in the Room of Requirement.


Once you start your crafting, you'll have to complete a short quick-time event to actually craft them. You can also learn more recipes for different potions by attending Potions Class.

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