How to unlock the Reparo spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Learning the Reparo spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

Learning the Reparo spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

Confused about how to unlock the Reparo spell in Hogwarts Legacy? Throughout the game, you're going to come across broken pots, statues, and even bridges that a good cast of Reparo will fix right up in a jiffy. It's a great spell for some of the puzzles scattered around the place, too, so you'll want to unlock it as soon as possible. You'll only scratch your head at some of the brainteasers otherwise.

If you're struggling to make sense of a few of the mysteries in Hogwarts Legacy or just can't quite figure out how to cross that chasm, you're probably looking at a Reparo puzzle. Read on to quickly unlock the essential spell. And don't turn to the guy you saw cast it originally. He's not the one to teach it to you.

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How to unlock the Reparo spell in Hogwarts Legacy

To unlock the Reparo spell in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to complete the quest Professor Ronen's Assignment.

To get it, just speak to Professor Ronan in the Astronomy Wing's Transfiguration Courtyard after completing his first Charms class - and only after speaking to your house leader and being sent on the path to Hogsmead.

Getting (and using) the Reparo spell in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Once you have the quest, just open up the map and use the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom floo flame to quickly teleport there.

Rather than go into the classroom, take a right and head down the first set of stairs. You should see the flying Field Guide page hovering around. Just use our flying Field Guide page to learn how to collect it if you don't know already.

After that, continue down the stairs and through the door into the courtyard. Take a swift right and you'll come across a broken statue, where you'll see another flying page doing laps. Grab it, and do a 180-degree turn to find Professor Ronen again.

Take the two pages to Profession Ronen and complete the spell-learning minigame to unlock Reparo. Easy.

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