How to open eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy

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An eye chest being opened in Hogwarts Legacy.
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March 14, 2023: Here is how to open eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Not sure how to open eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy? It's easier than you think, but there are a few things you need to do before you start busting them open. They're all over the place and rarely hard to find, but you won't be able to do much to them for a good long while after starting your Hogwarts career. Here's what to do.


Beyond being a great source of gold you can spend on new gear, cosmetics, and potion ingredients, knowing how to open eyeball chests can quickly level you up and give you reasons to go back into areas you thought you'd explored fully.

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How to open eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy

You might have noticed that chests with eyeballs in Hogwarts Legacy slam shut as soon as they spot you. They start with their single eye wide open and their contents on full show when you're far enough way, then react in shock as you approach them before slamming shut with a bassy thud as you get within arm's length.


Violence isn't the answer here. You can't blast the eye on the chest from a distance with your want, burn it with Incendio, or even rely on the common unlocking spell Alohomora to force it open. Instead, you have to sneak. The clue is how it reacts to seeing you. So you need to do what you can to stop eyeball chests from ever laying a gaze upon you.

To do that, you need to unlock the Disulssionment charm through the main story, which allows you to turn invisible on a whim. You'll learn this by following the main story up to the point where you're told to infiltrate the library's forbidden section, which begins with a brief introduction on how to hide yourself with magic and sneak around undetected.

Unlocking an eye chest in Hogwarts Legacy with the Disillusionment charm.

As soon as you have the spell unlocked, just put it on your spell button cluster and get to opening those eye chests.

Cast it whenever you see one and approach the eye chest slowly. It won't spot you, and it won't slam shut. If you're too close before you use the spell, you'll need to back up and watch it open again before casting the charm and approaching.

Get close, tap X/Square, and you'll grab what's inside, finally alerting the eye chest and sending it into a bit of a spiral of despair. It was tricked and lost its belongings, and you'll be able to spot the defeat in its single, sad, retina.

What's inside eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy?

For the most part, eyeball chests are holding a good chunk of change. Bust them open and you'll likely see 500 gold added to your purse.

With so many of them scattered throughout even the easily accessible areas of Hogwarts, they're a great way to buy out the gear shop in Hogsmead early on. Get searching. Wand handles await the rich.


How to find more eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy - Eye chest locations

Eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy aren't just limited to the Hogwarts grounds. You'll find them all over the open world.

Hogsmead, in particular, has a bunch behind and inside shops and hidden under the bridges leading out. If you don't come across them naturally, you'll certainly hear them slam shut as you cross their paths. Listen out for the deep rumble.

In Hogwarts itself, you'll find them practically everywhere. They're in bathrooms, they're in bedrooms, and they're at the end of every not-so-obvious corridor.


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