How to open door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy - Solution, chart, and locations

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A door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.
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March 14, 2023: Here is how to open door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.

Not sure how to open door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy? The puzzle doors with ornate archways and animal symbols all over? They're easier than they look, and we're going to explain them down below. Many don't require any spells to unlock and can hide some powerful gear behind them, so they're well worth cracking open at the first chance you get.


Read on to find out how to solve the door puzzles you'll come across in your time with Hogwarts Legacy. Consisting of a large door and two spinning symbols on nearby walls, there are some you'll need to hunt around for, but some you can solve in just a few steps, too. Here's how they work.

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How to open puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy - Door puzzle solution

The ornate puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy all work the same way. Once you know how to solve one, you'll know how to solve them all. At least in the early areas of the game.


To solve the animal doors, you need to first get close to them. Interact with the door and you'll see the puzzle appear on the surface. You'll need to solve the door puzzle to open it up.

A puzzle door in Hogwarts Legacy and a chart showing how the animal emblems correlate to numbers.

Simply put, it's a basic math puzzle - or two, technically. Just look at the first large number in the triangle at the top and add the smaller number around it to the number the animal references. The animals go from zero to nine clockwise around the arch of the door, but you can refer to the image above for a guide as well.

Solving one of the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors.
Interact with the door to reveal the puzzle, then spin the symbols for each triangle to display the animal whose number adds with the others to equal the number in the same triangle.

Once you have the answer, just spin the corresponding object on the wall to the animal that represents it. Do the same for the second, interact with the door again, and it will open if you got it right. If not, just try again until you do.

You'll know which object refers to which part of the puzzle by matching the orientation of the triangle motif or by how many question marks it has as one of its options - one or two.

Where is the second roll for a Hogwarts Legacy puzzle door?

While some of the door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy have both of their rollable answer emblems within view of the door itself, some don't. If you can only find one answer to input into a puzzle door, you'll need to search around the general area for the next.


They can be on the wall of the next corridor or even sometimes on the floor above or below. They'll always be in the same room/area, though, so you shouldn't need to stray far. You'll just need to memorize your answer. You won't be able to see the door or its puzzle while you're away.

All Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle locations

Area Top button location Top solution Bottom button location Bottom solution
Ravenclaw TowerBehind the arch leading to the stairwell, by a suit of armour and a table.4 (bird)Behind and to the right when you're at the door5 (crab)
Grand Staircase (top)On the right of the tower wall just further up.6 (lizard)On the staircase pillar.7 (squid)
Central HallTo the left of the door.4 (bird)On the floor directly above.3 (hydra/snake)
Divination Classroom raftersTo the left of the door.4 (bird)To the right of the door.3 (hydra/snake)
Arithmancy Classroom (east)To the left of the door.4 (bird)To the right of the door.5 (crab)
Arithmancy Classroom (south)To the left of the door.6 (lizard)To the right of the door.1 (Unicorn)
Faculty Tower (second floor)To the left of the door.0 (Demiguise/Monkey)To the right of the door.9 (Kelpie)
The Long Hallway (Library Annex)To the left of the door.2 (beast)To the right of the door.1 (Unicorn)
Locked door opposite the music room (West Tower)To the left of the door.6 (Lizard)To the right of the door.3 (Hydra)

Over time, we'll curate a list of door puzzles you'll find scattered across Hogwarts Legacy. They're all found on the castle grounds, so there's no need to go hunting elsewhere in the open world.


While we're work on that, just know why it's a good idea to seek them out. They're almost always hiding some powerful gear behind their ornate arches. So long as you're not opening them long after you could have, you'll get gear upgrades that'll make the story missions a lot easier.

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