How to open the Hogwarts Legacy House Chest

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The Hogwarts Legacy house chest.
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March 14, 2023: Here is how to open the House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Wondering how to open the Hogwarts Legacy House Chest? After the rollercoaster ride of an entrance you make in Hogwarts Legacy, you're swiftly sorted into your house and given time to rest up. Right after, you make your introductions and, if you search around before heading out, spot the house chest. But you can't open it. The game won't even hint as to how to get into it. Here's what's up.


If you just can't carry on with the game knowing there's a chest out there you can't open, you're in for a rough time. There are a lot like it, but the house chest is truly unique for reasons we'll go into below. For now, just know that there's no way to open it as soon as you spot it. It'll take some time. Come to terms with that and press on.

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How to open the House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy - What does it do?

The house chest in Hogwarts Legacy is different to every other chest in that you don't open it to grab what's inside. You can open it up within the first few hours, but you'll then realise that your mission isn't to get what's inside, but to put something inside instead. A lot of things, to be precise. Then it's about getting what's inside. It is a chest.


The house chest is where you keep your house tokens. Separate to the house points system, which you can learn about by clicking that link, the house chest system is another reason to explore and uncover the secrets of the castle.

To get started with house tokens, you first need to clear the quest The Daedalian Keys that shows you how to open locked cabinets. Again, click that link for more on that one. The quest introduces you to the concept of the Daedalian keys which, when found, can be followed back to the cabinet they unlock.

A cabinet with a token inside for the House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Inside each cabinet, which are scattered all throughout Hogwarts,, is another house token. Your mission is to track down each cabinet, find the nearby keys that open them, and then return the house tokens inside to the house chest in your common room.

It'll take a good long while to find and return every house token, but the reward is sure to be worth it. Expect a trophy or achievement for your efforts, too.

How to find your Hogwarts Legacy House Chest

Can't find your house chest? If you're on the right quest, you can have your Field Guide take you there by tapping up on the D-Pad when you've found your first House Token. The quest will remain until you find all 16, too, so just toggle it as your active quest again whenever you want to head back to it.


Finding your House Chest shouldn't be difficult, though. It's always in your house dorm room - generally in the hall with the most doors to other student's rooms. Read up on how to find the Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor common rooms if you're lost.

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