How to beat the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy

The Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy.
May 5, 2023: We've given things a refresh here for anyone taking on the Pensieve Guardian in the Xbox One / PS4 version of the game.

There's one boss in buried deep below the school that isn't as straightforward to beat as the smaller versions scattered around the tunnels leading up to it. If you're struggling to figure out how to beat the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy keep reading.

Around halfway through the main story quests, you'll have to use your magic to put down a larger version of the animated knights you've countered along the path. It shares plenty of similarities to its smaller cousins, but the Pensieve Guardian has a couple of shocking twists up its proverbial sleeve that will quickly knock you down.

How to beat the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy

The Pensieve Guardian appears at the very end of the third major main story trial.

Once you've navigated the area beneath Hogwarts with all its floating platform puzzles, you'll square off against a wave of smaller guardians before taking on the much larger Pensieve Guardian itself. Fail here, and you'll have to beat the wave before it again until you come out alive.

Attacking the Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy.
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If there's one key tip for defeating the Pensieve Guardian, it's to be patient. Unless you've been grinding every available sidequest and collecting gear, you'll likely be at a disadvantage against the brute. A couple of mistimed dodges will spell death.

If you waste all your Wiggenwald Potions on the fight before it, you'll have to play perfectly to stand a chance. Take it slowly. Don't blow all your spells as soon as they're available - you'll need them to easily avoid the big hit from the Pensieve Guardian's orb.

A stunned Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy.
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By far the best way to defeat the Pensieve Guardian is to build up combos with basic spells. This will build up your Ancient Magic meter quickly, allowing you to stun the monster with a major Ancient Magic cast. The boss takes considerably more damage from other spells whenever it's stunned, making Ancient Magic casts the way to go.

Between those moments, you just need to roll from its stomp attacks and shield against the flying wisps that follow the attack a little later in the fight. Paired with the methods below to destroy the orb it often summons, you'll beat the fight without taking a lick of damage.

The best spells to use against Pensieve Guardian in Hogwarts Legacy

Because you can't lift or pull the Pensieve Guardian, you'll want to forget about using spells like Accio in this fight. So if you struggle to switch between loadouts mid-battle, here are the four you should try to use:

The best spells to use against the Pensieve Guardian are long-range attacks. So while Incendio will work, its short range will require you to get a little closer than you might want to be.

How to destroy the Pensieve Guardian's orb in Hogwarts Legacy

To destroy the Pensieve Guardian's orb in Hogwarts Legacy, you just need to batter it with spells before it's fully charged.

It's a slim window, and you won't manage it if you've used all your spells just before the attack started. For that reason, it's best to save your major spells for the orb and to whittle down the Guardian's health with basic wand attacks.

If you have Glacius, though, you can make quick work of the orb. A single cast of Glacius will destroy the Pensieve Guardian's orb, clearing the Duelling Feat for this fight with ease and guaranteeing you'll avoid any future cast of the hard-hitting attack.

Just keep Glacius available for whenever the boss charges the attack again, and you'll barely have to think about it.

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