Hogwarts Legacy House Tokens locations list - All flying Daedalian Keys and cabinets

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Two cabinets holding House Tokens in Hogwarts Legacy.
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March 14, 2023: Read on to know the location of all the House Tokens in Hogwarts Legacy.

Looking for the Hogwarts Legacy House Token locations list? Read on. If you're to crack open the unique-looking chest in your house's common room, you'll need to find them all. There's no rush, but it's hard to stop searching for them once you figure out how to bust them open. Our list makes it much easier.


Down below, we'll list out every House Token location so that you can easily track down every flying key. They're all relatively quick and easy to find once you know where you're looking. So if you just can't start one task before we finish another, we'll help you move on.

For more Hogwarts Legacy guides, check out how to open the house chest if you're not sure how that system works. And if you're struggling with the minigame you'll need to complete 16 times to finish this quest, we have a few pointers in our guide on how to open locked cabinets.

Hogwarts Legacy House Token locations list - Cabinet route and where to find flying Daedalian Keys

Before we start listing all the flying key locations in Hogwarts Legacy, it's worth noting that you can tackle these in any order you want.

So long as you have access to the area they're in, you're free to track the Daedalian Key down and follow it back to its cabinet for the House Token inside. Just note that you'll need to unlock Alohomora to find the final few. You'll need Demiguise statues for that.

  1. Toward the top of the Astrology Tower. This quest will lead you to this as a starting point.
  2. Teleport to the Central Hall in the Library Annex and you'll see this one by the puzzle door in the corner by the main exit.
  3. Go through the door on the opposite side of the last cabinet. Down the spiral staircase and at the end of the corridor.
  4. Go back up into the Central Hall and into the library. You’ll spot this one on the right back side.
  5. Exit the library and climb the stairs facing you to find on the left of the middle floor before another set of stairs.
  6. On the middle floor of the Grand Staircase just after the puzzle door.
  7. At the back end of the right side of the Great Hall entrance from the Reception.
  8. At the bottom of the entranceway room - the door straight facing you when you leave from the Great Hall into the Reception.
  9. By the staircase on the bottom floor of the Faculty Tower entrance
  10. On the middle floor of the Faculty tower by the Prefect’s Bathroom
  11. On the central level of the Clock Tower against the west wall
  12. Take the door from the bottom of the Clock Tower into the Gryffindor Lower Hallway and take the door into the Quad Courtyard. Take the door on your right to find another cabinet on your left.
  13. Go back through the door and head into the Defence Against the Dark Arts tower. Go down and around the stairs to find it on the same floor as the classroom.
  14. Take the bottom floor door out into the Transfiguration Courtyard and go left into the North Hall. Head down to the bottom of the staircase and through the door. You’ll come across it on your left.
  15. Keep heading down and through the cellar to find another.
  16. Head back up into the North Hall, taking the door halfway up the staircase into the Bell Tower. Follow the closest staircase up and through the music room and you’ll see one on your left.
The Hufflepuff Relic House Uniform found in the House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy.

What's in the House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy? - Daedalian Keys reward

Your reward for tracking down all 16 Daedalian Keys and their House Tokens is a Relic House Uniform of your chosen house.


It's a piece of equipment you'll find in the Collections part of the Cloaks and Robes Appearance window. That means it has no specific stats. It's just a purely cosmetic option you can lay over your current robe.

Just head back to our common room and slot them in one by one. The chest will then open.

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