All Hogwarts Legacy relic house uniform robes - How to get all house token robes

Picture of a Hogwarts student writing in a book in Hogwarts Legacy

Picture of a Hogwarts student writing in a book in Hogwarts Legacy
May 5, 2023: Just hopping into Hogwarts Legacy for the Xbox One and PS4 release? Make sure to get your relic house robe. It doesn't take as long as you think.

Need to complete your collection of Hogwarts Legacy relic house robes? Even if you don't know what we're talking about or how you got here, read on if you're playing the game. Choosing your house will let you pick what colours you want to represent for the game, but there's another way to show off your power after a fun collect-a-thon.

One of the fun character customization options you have access to in Hogwarts Legacy is how you dress. You'll always come across more and more robes, but you'll struggle to find any as alluring as the relic house robes. With one for each of the four groups, complete with their own unique flare and style, you'll want to grab them. And, luckily, they're unlocked the same way for each house.

All Hogwarts Legacy relic house robes

Slytherin relic house robe

Featuring the iconic snake motif, the Slytherin house token robe actually shimmers when you cast, shining its silver lining for all to see.

Picture of the Gryffindor relic house robes in Hogwarts Legacy
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Gryffindor relic house robe

The golden Gryffindor house token robe is likely to be one of the more popular ones. When you cast a spell or use a basic attack, the golden crest glows, contrasting the red background hues perfectly.

Picture of the Ravenclaw relic house robes in Hogwarts Legacy
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Ravenclaw relic house robe

The Ravenclaw house token robe glows as you cast like the rest, with its bluish/green lining being overshadowed by the glow of the raven crest.

Picture of the Hufflepuff relic house robe
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Hufflepuff relic house robe

Hufflepuff relic house robe

The Hufflepuffs out there, this relic house robe looks stunning and easily shows off your love of animals. It definitely has a more ancient and rustic feel to it than some of the more modern robes you'll find in the game.

How to get the Hogwarts Legacy Relic House Robes

The cosmetic-only Relic House Robes can be found in your House Chest. Click that link to learn more about it, but you'll need to learn how to unlock cabinets and find the Daedalian Keys to bust the chest open and get the Relic House Robes for your chosen faction.

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