All Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts secrets puzzles and how to solve them

The clue for one of the Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts secrets puzzles.
April 18, 2023: Read on to know the solutions of all Hogwarts Legacy secret puzzles.

Hogwarts Legacy has countless hidden puzzles to figure out around its sprawling open world, and the more you complete, the more rewards you get for your efforts. Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts secrets are some of the trickier ones to find and complete. They're few and far between, and often require a bit of running back and to.`

But because there are so few of these trickier puzzles built on the grounds of Hogwarts, it's relatively quick and easy to complete the lot, earning 100% completion on that part of the Field Guide and netting yourself some fantastic milestone rewards in the process.

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All Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts secrets puzzles and solutions

The bridge puzzle

One of the first Hogwarts Legacy secrets you'll come across is very easy to miss. It's found on the bridge of the main courtyard and spans one end right to the other. Once you complete it, you'll actually go under the bridge to collect a few different rewards.

The puzzle itself is relatively straightforward once you know what you're looking for. Each corner of the bridge has a motorized brazier that can be turned in four directions. Each turn reveals a roman numeral from one (I) to four (IV). Each brazier also has a unique pattern at its base.

One of the Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts secrets you can solve.
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So what does it all mean? An emblem set in the floor of the bridge at one side will tell you. All you have to do is note which number is depicted with each pattern and turn the braziers to match.

Once that's done, the emblem set into the floor of the bridge will open up, revealing a ladder that will take you straight down and under the bridge itself. Collect the few small chests on either side as you make your way across, and bust open the large chest at the end for some powerful gear.

The Clock Tower door puzzle is another Hogwarts secret.
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The Clock Tower puzzle

You can read more about this one in our dedicated Clock Tower doors guide. Simply put, there are four doors that periodically open and slam shut in the Clock Tower wing. They never open far enough for you to sneak through, so you need to work out a way to jam them open long enough for you to get in and get out.

Once you've figured that out, again, refer to our guide there for a proper solution, you'll unlock another Hogwarts Secret milestone reward.

The Headmaster's Upper Study

The final, and most involved, Hogwarts secret involves the Headmaster's Upper Study - which is a trophy/achievement trigger of its own.

For this one, you need to learn how to access the Headmaster's Upper Study. There are a few different ways you can get in there early, but there's an official quest route as well.

Once you've accessed it, you just grab the Key of Admittance from the room and use it to unlock the elaborate gate opposite the official entrance to the Headmaster's Office above the Trophy Room. You'll find a few more key items in there and loads of high-level gear.

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