How to open the Clock Tower doors in Hogwarts Legacy

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One of the Clock Tower doors in Hogwarts Legacy.
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March 14, 2023: Here is how to open the clock tower doors in Hogwarts Legacy.

Wondering what's inside the clock tower in Hogwarts Legacy? Read on to find out how to open the clock tower doors in Hogwarts Legacy and we'll guide you through the second secret of Hogwarts. It's just one of the many confounding puzzles you'll come across as you explore the wizarding world.


There are numerous doors that open and close. seemingly at random, while you wander around the Clock Tower. You'll hear them opening and slamming shut constantly. And it doesn't matter how far or near you are. They'll keep doing it. So if being close isn't the answer, what is?

Before we take a closer look at the clock tower, don't forget to take a look at our Hogwarts Legacy guides revealing how to get Gryffindor, how to start the PlayStation-exclusive quest, and the Sophronia Franklin quiz answers.

How to open the clock tower in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Watch the pendulum and wait for it to reach the corresponding icon.
  • Cast Arresto Momentum or Glacius on the pendulum to slow its movement.
  • Once it has stopped, the bars on the door will open for a short period of time.
  • If you missed your chance, use Confringo (or Incendio if you're close) to thaw the pendulum.

Firstly, it's important you have the right combination of spells equipped before attempting to solve the mystery of the clock tower.

In this case, Glacius or Arresto Momentum will work perfectly. Glacius allows you to freeze the pendulum target while Arresto Momentum slows it down. Either one works, so make sure you've unlocked at least one of them before continuing the quest.


Next, make your way to the clock tower. From the bottom, you'll see the pendulum pass four symbols on the floor as it swings. You'll also find these represented further up the tower, too, so you can line up the pendulum with the symbol you want it to stop on from a few different places. Whichever symbol it stops on is the corresponding door that will stay open while it's frozen in place.

Though it's hard to see why, the community has taken to calling them mantis, goblet, owl, and unicorn when looking at them from right to left. Now you know the basics, here's how to open the doors:

Hogwarts Legacy clock tower door locations

With four doors to open, you'll need to know where each one is in order to earn all of the rewards up for grabs. Here's where to find each one.


The doorway is located in the stairwell where you can access the goblet and owl doors meaning you might have already passed it. It's worth noting that this is the only door that doesn't have an easy view of the pendulum, so freeze it in place before heading back to the door.



You can find the goblet door on the floor above the owl door. Keep moving up the staircase and you'll soon see it. You can access the pendulum which is perfect when casting a spell. Once the door is open, you can earn a collectable chest.


Before opening the owl door, make sure you've got an invisibility potion or a Disillusionment spell equipped due to the eyeball chests inside the room. To access it, take the stairs behind the locked door and head to the first floor.


The fourth and final door is in the right-hand corner of the main clock tower room as you face the pendulum. Inside, there are two lootable chests.


What are the Hogwarts Legacy clock tower door rewards?

In addition to the chests packed with loot, unlocking the four doors completes one of three Hogwarts Legacy secrets which are buried amongst the Field Guide pages you collect throughout the map.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about unlocking the clock tower doors in Hogwarts Legacy. For more wizarding information, check out our guides detailing how to get seeds, how to beat the Pensieve Guardian and all there is to know about the large potting table.