How to lock on in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy open world

hogwarts legacy open world
April 6, 2023: Be more consistent by learning how to lock on in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy's combat is a lot more complex than you might expect. With multiple enemies attacking you at once, you need to juggle various spells and combos to break defences and defeat them all. With so much to think about at once, it'll be helpful to lock on in Hogwarts Legacy to keep your attacks focused. We'll go over how to do just that.

At the start of the game, you're taught how to target different enemies by looking at them until they're highlighted, but it doesn't initially teach how to lock on.

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How to lock on in Hogwarts Legacy

Since you and all of the enemies move around a lot when in combat, the standard targeting system can be a little fiddly. Therefore, getting used to the lock on feature will make combat so much more fun.

You'll be taught how to lock on in combat when you first try out the secret Crossed Wands dueling trials.

Before the first fight begins, you'll be told about how to break certain enemy shields and that you can lock on in Hogwarts Legacy by pressing R3 when an enemy you're targeting is highlighted.

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Then, to switch between them between attacks, you just need to flick the right stick in whichever direction the next enemy is. You'll then auto lock onto that enemy for subsequent attacks.

Lock on remains in action no matter what spells you cast to damage enemies, too. You'll often need to cast the likes of Accio, or other types of spell, to break shields that you'll see as coloured orbs around enemies.

Even when you launch enemies into the air with spells like Levioso, lock on will remain in action, the camera following the enemy you're focused on.

To get rid of lock on entirely, simple press R3 again and you'll go back to the standard way of targeting during combat.

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