Hogwarts Legacy talents – All talents and what they do

Two characters mixing a potion in a cauldron in Hogwarts Legacy.

Two characters mixing a potion in a cauldron in Hogwarts Legacy.
February 16, 2023: We have gone through our information on Hogwarts Legacy talents.

Hogwarts Legacy is an action RPG that has some cool features like gardening, alchemy, spell casting, and talents. The last ones will make your character even better, and in this guide we will tell you about Hogwarts Legacy talents.

Talents in Hogwarts Legacy are very important, as they improve your character. We will explain to you how they work, what they do, and how to unlock them. Also, we will tell you about all the talent categories.

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What are Hogwarts Legacy talents?

Talents in Hogwarts Legacy are special traits or perks that improve your character. This game belongs to the RPG genre, and it allows you to make different builds with various items and perks. However, before you can use these talents you have to unlock them.

Hogwarts Legacy talents are divided into five categories. Currently, we know only three of them. The other two categories are yet to be revealed. Here is the list of all known talent categories in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Core - These perks improve the base aspects of your character.
  • Stealth - These perks are related to the stealth mechanic.
  • Room of Requirement - These talents are related to your Room of Requirement.

The other two categories may be related to your magic spells and gear. However, we don’t know for sure how the talents from these categories work and what they improve.

A teacher taking a class in front of students in Hogwarts Legacy.
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How to unlock talents in Hogwarts Legacy

According to the description of the talents menu in the Wizard’s Field Guide, talents in Hogwarts Legacy can be unlocked by progressing through the main story. However, we don’t know which story tasks will reward you with new talents. Also, you will need to know how to purchase them. In order to use any available talent, you will have to buy it spending your Talent Points.

What are Talent Points in Hogwarts Legacy?

In order to unlock talents in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to use Talent Points. This is special currency that you can spend to purchase new perks. So, you will need to use your Talent Points wisely if you want to make a decent build for your character.

A Gryffindor student looking at a professor in Hogwarts Legacy.
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How to get Talent Points in Hogwarts Legacy

You earn a talent point through levelling up your character. This can be done by doing mission, side quests, and almost everything else in the game. You will naturally earn them as you get through it.

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