Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest walkthrough - How to open butterfly doors

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Hogwarts Legacy butterfly door
Credit: Screengrab via Avalanche Games
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There is a multitude of quests to complete in Hogwarts Legacy. With fans starting to begin their journey, a Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest walkthrough explaining how to open butterfly doors will be helpful for completing one of the game's more complex quests.

This particular quest features some tricky puzzles, some of which can prove extremely tricky when they're not done in the right order. Thankfully, our complete walkthrough will help you open the butterfly doors.


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How to complete Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest

The first step of the Helm of Urtkot quest sees you come up against a sequence of huge doors with butterflies on them. For the first door, cast Lumos when you're near the butterfly that isn't near the door. Using Lumos will attract the butterfly to your wand, allowing you to guide it towards the door by holding L2/LT.

Hogwarts Legacy Butterfly Doors
Credit: Screengrab via Avalanche Games

Let go of the spell when you're close to the door and let the butterfly connect with the door for it to open.

The second room has no butterflies in the door. Check the two pedestals in the room for the first two. They are rather straightforward to move into position. However, the third and final butterfly involves another spell. Equip Depulso and use it to break the broken set of doors. Switch to Lumos and move it towards the door.

Hogwarts Legacy Butterfly doors
Credit: Screengrab via Avalanche Games

After you deal with a few enemies, the third door has a key in the centre of the room. Use Lumos to take the first butterfly from the nearby room towards the key then take the second one to the door you want to open.

Switch to Depulso and use it on the key so you can rotate it and lift up the platform on one side of the room. Use the platform to make your way to the third butterfly. Climb up, grab the butterfly, and guide it to the door. Then take the final butterfly from the key and open the door.

Hogwarts Legacy Butterfly quest
Credit: Screengrab via Avalanche Games

Once the door is open, head into the next room where you'll find a mechanism on a platform near a walkway. Take the first butterfly to the mechanism before standing on the platform. It's worth noting you may need Depulso to use on the mechanism twice in order to lift the platform. Once you're in the air, grab the butterfly and put it inside the locked door.

Hogwarts Legacy Butterfly Quest Guide
Credit: Screengrab via Avalanche Games

Next, grab another butterfly and place it on the empty stand by the side of the walkway. This allows you to grab it once you use Depulso again. There are a total of four butterflies in this particular room, so you can get away with leaving one inside the central mechanism.

From here, the rest of the quest is relatively straightforward.


There you have it. We hope our Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest walkthrough helps you find the artefact with ease and ensure the butterfly doors aren't too tricky. For more on Hogwarts Legacy, check out our guides revealing how to learn Alohomora and how to open eye chests. Also, check out our Hogwarts Legacy full quest list.