How to catch flying Field Guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy

sebastian in hogwarts legacy

sebastian in hogwarts legacy
April 6, 2023: Here is how to catch flying field guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy.

Struggling to work out how to catch flying field guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy? Right at the start, you're given a student's Field Guide. But to learn more, you need to fill it with Field Guide pages scattered around the world. But some aren't as easy to grab as just interacting with a statue or sign.

The first time you'll need to catch a flying field guide page will be when you're introduced to assignments you're given by professors. After completing them, you'll be rewarded with new spells and some XP. But there are countless more field guide pages out there waiting to be snatched out of the air.

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How to catch flying Field Guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you spot Field Guide pages flying across the sky above part of Hogwarts and the wider area, you'll notice that they have the same glow that enemies and other items you can interact with in the game. That means you can cast a spell on them.

Don't waste your time by trying to jump into them once they reach a certain part of their flight path, you need to use a spell to grab them.

To catch flying Field Guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to look at it and cast Accio, which is the spell that allows you to move objects. You were taught it in the first chants lesson at the start of the game.

You can grab them from quite far away, too, so just angle your camera and wait for it to be highlighted. Cast your spell and you should automatically pull it into your grasp.

catching a flying field guide page in hogwarts legacy
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You cast Accio by holding L2/LT and pressing whichever button you've bound the spell to based on your platform's controller. By default, it'll be square/X. That'll then see the flying Field Guide page rush towards you so that you can grab it and add it to your guide.

You'll be rewarded with some XP and you'll be notified of how many pages you are towards collecting all of them in a region. The more you grab, the more XP you'll earn and challenges you'll complete.

While they're a little harder to grab than the Field Guide pages that are hidden near objects around Hogwarts, flying ones are easier to spot. You don't have to rely on Revelio or the high-pitched ding sound to find these ones.

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