Hogwarts Legacy astronomy tables - All locations and how to use

Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table
Credit: Avalanche Games

Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table
Credit: Avalanche Games
February 13, 2023: Want to take a closer look at the night sky? Here's how to use the astronomy tables.

As you work your way through the wizarding world, you'll want to know everything about Hogwarts Legacy astronomy tables and how they work. Fancy taking a look at the night sky in Hogwarts Legacy? We've got all the information you need to know.

Visiting an astronomy table contributes to a challenge where you can earn some awesome cosmetic items for your character. Additionally, it's a very easy way of earning some extra XP if you're close to reaching the next level.

Before we take a closer look at astronomy tables and their function, don't forget to check out our Hogwarts Legacy guides revealing how to open door puzzles, where to find Demiguise Statues, and all there is to know about Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer.

How to spot Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table

Spotting an astronomy table is a rather straightforward process. Usually, they appear on your minimap with an icon displaying the moon and a star.

Head over there to complete the puzzle but be aware of any potential enemies that could interrupt your stargazing.

Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table locations

In total, there are 15 astronomy tables to visit across the entire map. Without further ado, here's a full list of astronomy table locations:

  1. South Hogwarts - On top of the castle turret
  2. North Ford Bog
  3. Forbidden Forest
  4. Hogsmeade Valley
  5. South Hogwarts - Opposite the castle
  6. Hogwarts
  7. Hogwarts Valley - On the ruins near the river
  8. Hogwarts Valley - In the nearby woods
  9. Feldcroft Region - On a clifftop near the balloons
  10. Feldcroft Region - Far western side of the map
  11. Poldsear Coast
  12. Marunweem Lake
  13. Manor Cape
  14. Cragcroftshire
  15. Clagmar Coast

As the constellations are only available to view whilst the moon is out, you can switch the time of day. Take a look at our other guide revealing how to do so.

How to use the astronomy table in Hogwarts Legacy

It's also worth noting you'll need to complete the astronomy class in order to use them so make sure you do that before embarking on your journey to each one.

Once you've found a table, a constellation of stars will appear along with a diagram. Simply use the right and left sticks to align them and you'll complete the puzzle in no time at all.

Hogwarts Legacy astronomy table rewards

Once you've managed to complete all 15 astronomy tables, you'll complete the 'Find Astronomy Tables' challenge alongside unlocking some themed rewards. They include the Starry-Eyed Seer's Scarf, Starry-Eyed, Seer's Ensemble, and the Starry-Eyed Seer's Cape.

If you're looking to earn 100% completion, completing the astronomy tables is definitely worth doing during your time at Hogwarts.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about Hogwarts Legacy astronomy tables. For more useful wizarding intel, take a look at our guides revealing the House Token locations, how to change hairstyle, and how to beat the Pensieve Guardian.

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