Who is the main villain in Hogwarts Legacy?

A character using a spell against a fiery backdrop in Hogwarts Legacy.

A character using a spell against a fiery backdrop in Hogwarts Legacy.

There's no point in having an exciting magical adventure without a proper baddie to go up against. And for that, it's worth knowing who the Hogwarts Legacy villain is before you start your path down this long and treacherous road through the wizarding world.

The main plot of Hogwarts Legacy takes place at the end of the 19th century. In this game, you will be able to participate in some exciting events that weren’t covered in Harry Potter movies and books. So, who is the antagonist? Let’s find out!

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Who is the villain in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy has two major antagonists. These are Ranrok and Victor Rookwood. Both of these villains are completely new to the franchise, meaning information on their personalities and motivations are slim. Regardless, this is what we know about them so far.

Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Who is Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy?

Ranrok is the first major antagonist in Hogwarts Legacy. He's the leader of the new rebellion of goblins. In the Harry Potter universe, goblins and wizards are known for their long history of conflicts. It seems that even in the 1890s there are still some goblins who want to fight mages, and Ranrok is their commander.

Goblins are tough creatures who can use weapons and magic. They have been already shown in the game’s gameplay trailers as major enemies, with Ranrok as their fiery leader However, Ranrok wouldn’t be so dangerous if he didn’t ally with another powerful antagonist. So, let’s take a close look at Ranrok’s partner.

Victor Rookwood in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Who is Victor Rookwood in Hogwarts Legacy?

Victor Rookwood in Hogwarts Legacy is a leader of Dark Wizards and an ally of Ranrok. It seems that he will be really dangerous, as Dark Wizards know some powerful spells like Avada Kedavra or Cruciatus. So, fighting him is going to be difficult, though sadly we still have no information about his motives to ally with goblins.

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According to the information we have so far, Dark Wizards in Hogwarts Legacy are going to be major enemies just like goblins. They will use various magic spells and you will need to do your best if you want to defeat them - or perhaps even join them.

Both villains in Hogwarts Legacy seem to be intriguing, but their motives are still unclear. You should expect a challenging fight against goblins and Dark Wizards, who can use different weapons and magic spells to take you down.

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