Hogwarts Legacy accessibility features

A player character looking back toward a window in Hogwarts Legacy, with a flaming torch just behind them.

A player character looking back toward a window in Hogwarts Legacy, with a flaming torch just behind them.
November 13, 2023 - With Hogwarts Legacy releasing on Switch, we've updated our guide on the game's accessibility features.

The list of Hogwarts Legacy accessibility features is quite sizeable, and we have all of the details on what you can do to make your gaming experience slightly easier to manage and enjoy. These days, games are shipping with a wide array of various accessibility features. Not only to help players with various disabilities but to make the game that little bit more comfortable and customisable.

You've more than likely seen some of these features make their way into other games, and you may even use some of them already. These accessibility features can ultimately make the gameplay experience a much smoother experience, or even allow someone to be able to play at all. Given the size of this game, some of these options are a must.

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Hogwarts Legacy accessibility features

- Text-to-Speech - Colourblind modes (Protanopia, Deuteranopia, Tritanopia) - Display settings (motion blur, Chromatic aberration, depth of field, film grain, brightness) - Text Scaling - High Contrast Text - High Contrast Gameplay - Camera Shake - Screen Magnification compatibility for Playstation and Xbox
- Separate Volume Controls (music, sound effects, dialogue) - Subtitles - Spatial Audio - Audio Visualizer
- Aim Mode - Inverted Axis - Stick Swap - Sensitivity - Follow Camera Speed - PS5 Exclusive: Motion Sensor Function
- Difficulty options - Tutorials - Objective Reminders and guidance
- Settings Tooltips - Auto and Manual Save

There are a host of different options available to players in Hogwarts Legacy. Many of the features may seem like standard settings, while some are more typical accessibility features, such as text-to-speech for menus and colourblind modes.

What's nice here is that the game offers various difficulty settings for players to choose from, which can determine the story and combat difficulty, puzzle time sensitivity, and other things. They can be changed at any point as well.

For more details about each of the accessibility features, check out the Portkey Games Accessibility features page, where they detail more about each option that we've listed above. You can even provide the team with feedback there so that they can add or tweak any options you may need.

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