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The Herbology Professor in Hogwarts Legacy and her student

The Herbology Professor in Hogwarts Legacy and her student
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With the release of Hogwarts Legacy, fans are excited to finally attend their favourite Herbology class and study all of the various Hogwarts Legacy plants. Ever since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out in 2001, it has been the ultimate fantasy of readers to be able to attend the school for themselves. In Hogwarts Legacy, they will be able to customise their appearance, pick a house, and go to different classes.

One of the classes available to students is, of course, the iconic Herbology course. It was the favourite of Neville Longbottom in the source material, and it proved invaluable to the characters as the story went on. It will be just as important to your own character in Hogwarts Legacy too, with each plant offering a distinct use in either potions or combat.

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Where can I get plants and seeds in Hogwarts Legacy?

You can obtain various plants and seeds from a few different places in Hogwarts Legacy. Most obviously, you will be able to gather them from the overworld as they grow in their natural or propagated environments. You’ll also be able to buy them in the Hogsmeade Shop if you have enough money for them. Finally, it’s rumoured that you’ll be able to get them from the Herbology professor, Mirabel Garlick.

The Herbology Classroom in Hogwarts Legacy, that's filled with all the different plants.
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A gardener's dream come true

Where do I grow plants in Hogwarts Legacy?

You will be able to grow your plants inside Hogwarts Castle, by using a Potting Station inside your house's Room of Requirement. This will have a few different pots for you, so that you can grow several plants at once. These will use a timer to mark how long you have to wait in order to harvest them.

All Hogwarts Legacy plants

Mandrakes - The Mandrake seedling can knock your enemies unconscious, but the cry of an adult one is fatal to anyone who hears it.

Dittany - This is an essential ingredient for healing and restorative potions.

Spiky Mushroom - While we don’t know the name for this plant yet, it seems like it will be used in both potion-making, as well as crafting and upgrading new gear.

Chinese Chomping Cabbage - You’ll be able to use these in combat, throwing them at your enemies to deal damage.

Shrivelfigs - These are used to reverse curses, so they may feature in some restorative potions.

Venomous Tentacula -This is another important plant for potion-making, but the spiked vines can also be used to attack your enemies with.

Mallowsweet - A favourite among Centaurs, who use it to help them with stargazing. It may offer a similar property to players!

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