Where to find the Hogwarts Legacy Frog Choir

The Frog Choir in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Looking desperately for the Hogwarts Legacy Frog Choir? Though there's probably no rhyme or reason to it other than a neat Field Guide page, the adorably quirky Frog Choir is present in Hogwarts Legacy. If you want to pay the singing amphibians a visit, though, you'll have to wonder around some of the most claustrophobic areas of the castle. Here's how to get there.

Whatever your reasons for hunting down the Frog Choir in Hogwarts Legacy, the room the vocal bunch are in is tricky to find without context. So if you're trying to complete your Field Guide or just want a photo opportunity with the famous froggies, we've got you covered.

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How to find the Hogwarts Legacy Frog Choir

You'll find the Frog Choir in the Bell Tower Wing. There's a music room around there with the six singing frogs perched at the lowest level of the room looking out of the windows.

There are two ways to reach it - through the loft, or through the proper classroom entrance. For the former, start yourself in the Bell Tower Courtyard facing the large iron door with the armour on either side.

Head up the staircase on the right to its highest point and follow the dusty, wooden corridor. Ignore the chest if you can't open it and just take a right as you get close. You'll make it into the music room with the Frog Choir right ahead. Reveal the Field Guide page by them and you're done.

Another early way there is through the northwestern door of the garden between the Bell Tower and the Astronomy Wing.

The Bell Tower Courtyard in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Head through the door, run to the end of the corridor, and head straight to the highest point of the staircase. Walk around the top floor and enter the final door to find the proper entrance to the Music Room and the Frog Choir. Use Revelio near them to reveal a field guide page you can add to your collection.

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