Will Hogwarts Legacy have DLC?

The eponymous castle on a hill in Hogwarts Legacy.

The eponymous castle on a hill in Hogwarts Legacy.
March 27, 2023: We've checked our information.

In the realities of today's gaming industry, many developers support new games with various DLCs for some time after their release. So, what about Hogwarts Legacy? In this guide, we will tell you if Hogwarts Legacy has DLC.

DLC is quite a controversial topic, as it adds new content to your favourite games, but often requires you to pay more. In this guide we'll address possible DLC for the new Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Legacy, and what kind of content it could add.

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Will there be DLC for Hogwarts Legacy?

According to this Twitter post, there is a chance that some DLC for Hogwarts Legacy may appear. Some locations like the Swamp and Highlands are available in the game, but can’t be reached. So, if all these rumours are true then we may get some kind of DLC with these locations. However, the situation is still unclear and we don’t have any official announcements for Hogwarts Legacy DLC. That said, the signs are looking positive.

Could Hogwarts Legacy DLC eventually release?

The chances of Hogwarts Legacy DLC appearing, whether it will include the areas we mentioned or not, are likely based on the game’s success. Also, there is the Deluxe Edition that gives bonus content like different skins related to Dark Arts and the Thestral mount to those who bought it. If you want to get some special early DLC items for Hogwarts Legacy then you should purchase this edition.

That's it for our look at Hogwarts Legacy DLC! If you want to learn more information about this game, check our guide on how big the Hogwarts Legacy map is. We've also got a look at whether Dumbledore will appear in the game.

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