How to raise and lower your hood in Hogwarts Legacy

A witch with her robe hood lowered in Hogwarts Legacy.

A witch with her robe hood lowered in Hogwarts Legacy.

Want to make that uniform your own? You can start by learning how to put your hood up or down Hogwarts Legacy. Though you're largely confined school's dress code for your relatively short stay at the titular school of witchcraft and wizardry, there are ways you can spice up your duds and set yourself apart from the others in your class.

Down below, we're going to quickly go over the one little trick you can employ to change up your look. It all starts by raising or lowering the hood of your robe, letting you cloak yourself (and your hair) in mystery, or let your locks flow and let the breeze of your sprinting not build up between your ears and force it down. The physics engine doesn't work that way, but just play along with it.

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How to put your hood up or down in Hogwarts Legacy

To wear or lower the hood on your favourite robe in Hogwarts Legacy, you first need to open up the gear menu - just press the Start/Menu button on your controller to enter it from the Field Guide. From there, select 'Gear' just to the left of your level.

Removing and adding a hood to a robe in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Removing the hood from a robe in Hogwarts Legacy.

On the gear menu, click into the Cloaks and Robes square and equip a robe that features a hood. Most do, but some don't. Then, just back out to the wider gear menu again. You can skip this part if you already have one equipped.

From there, you just need to hover your cursor over the same square, and you should notice a 'Hood On/Off' toggle in the gear preview that appears. Just tap Y/Triangle to freely switch between the two.

What you do with this new-found information is up to you. Show off a mask, hide your hair, or let everyone know you've finally found the world's worse pair of glasses. Either way, check out how to lock on if you're struggling with combat, or how to catch flying Field Guide pages if you're stumped there.

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