How to save in Hogwarts Legacy

The player character riding a magical beast in Hogwarts Legacy.

The player character riding a magical beast in Hogwarts Legacy.

From adventuring, puzzle-solving, to even customising your avatar, there are several things that you can do in Hogwarts Legacy, but not knowing how to save in Hogwarts Legacy can undo all of that progress or have you lose a lot to a bad decision.

To easily save your progress, you can check out our brief guide It's quite simple to navigate the options and settings in-game with your respective controller. Once you do that, you're safe in the knowledge that your progress will be there for your next session.

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A screenshot of the game options in Hogwarts Legacy.
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How to save in Hogwarts Legacy

Saving your in-game progress in Hogwarts Legacy is fairly easy. There isn't much to navigate, and you can return to your save point any time without hassle. Make sure you're familiar with basic controls, so that you know which buttons to press to open the game settings.

To save your game progress, simply open your options menu. From there, you'll be able to see different selections that will open up the various features you want to access in-game. Some of these consist of your inventory, the gear you have, quests, completed challenges, and the settings.

Once you're in the settings menu, you can then navigate to the first icon on the left side of your screen, which has the Save/Load/Exit options to choose from. From there, you can select to save your progress in your current gaming session. You'll be able to make ten different saves in your game.

Screenshot of the settings menu in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Keep in mind though that Hogwarts Legacy also has its own autosave feature, so you won't have to manually save every couple of minutes. You can find the autosave icon at the middle bottom of your screen, which is signified by a little wand waving while you play.

With that, you can ease your worries about losing your progress in Hogwarts Legacy! If you want more guides, feel free to check out our other pieces on how to get a broom and unlock flying in Hogwarts Legacy, how to make money fast in Hogwarts Legacy, how to get the Elder Wand, and how to stealth kill in Hogwarts Legacy.

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