Hogwarts Legacy companions - All companions list

Two characters in Hogwarts Legacy.
February 16, 2023: We have gone over what we know about Hogwarts Legacy companions

Hogwarts Legacy was officially announced during the PlayStation 5 reveal event a few years ago, but details on the game are still pretty limited. What we do know is that there'll be Hogwarts Legacy companions to tag along with you for the adventure.

Here, we'll go over everything we know about the confirmed Hogwarts Legacy companions, including who they are and what they'll be able to help you with.

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Hogwarts Legacy companions

Two characters in Hogwarts Legacy.
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For Hogwarts Legacy, developers created companions that will help the main character, like Hermione and Ron helped Harry in the original films and books.

While a lot of details will still come out as we have a little more time with the game, they'll be vital to the story in Hogwarts Legacy, with who accompanies you changing depending on the house you pick. They'll be able to help you out in a variety of ways as you learn the ways of being a wizard.

All companions in Hogwarts Legacy

Two characters in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Now you know how they work, you'll want to know what are the companion options. For now at least, Hogwarts Legacy only four companions, and each one belongs to a specific house. Below is a list of all companions revealed so far:

  • Sebastian Sallow
  • Natsai Onai
  • Poppy Sweeting
  • Amit Thakkar

Sebastian Sallow

Sebastian Sallow is the male companion who belongs to the Slytherin house. Even though Sebastian appears smiling during most trailers, his twin sister is suffering from a fatal curse that this young man is trying to cure.

Natsai Onai

Natsai Onai is a cheerful student who belongs to Gryffindor. Her mother is a Divination professor, which was why Natsai Onai moved from Uagadou to Hogwarts.

Poppy Sweeting

Poppy Sweeting has a bubbly personality and is a member of the Hufflepuff house. Compared to other companions in Hogwarts Legacy, Poppy Sweeting doesn't seem to be a character who relies on strength, but we'll have to wait and see once the game is out.

Amit Thakkar

Amit Thakkar is a Ravenclaw student with a fantastic dream of becoming a wizard. Even though his dreams are likely never to come true in Hogwarts Legacy, Amit Thakkar seems to be the most powerful companion in the game.

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