How to destroy webs in Hogwarts Legacy

A web in Hogwarts Legacy.

A web in Hogwarts Legacy.
February 21, 2023: The game is out so we've checked our information.

In the world of Hogwarts Legacy, you can expect to face many different hazards and obstacles. One of the most common ones that you'll face webs. How do you destroy webs in Hogwarts Legacy? Read on and we'll tell you.

Given that you're going to be exploring the castle and grounds of Hogwarts, you'll expect to run into webs pretty often so knowing the best way to deal with them will make your playthrough experience better.

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How to destroy webs in Hogwarts Legacy

We've tested a bunch of different methods to destroy webs in Hogwarts Legacy, but there's only a few that'll work. There are plenty of spells and methods you can try out to do the job, but the first you'll gain access to is the Incendio charm. That'll quickly burn any webs in its path, allowing you to pass through whatever corridor they're blocking.

The Incendio charm is a spell that conjures a flame jet to light things on fire. This is a great way to deal with any and all pesky webs that you'll find around the game, whether it be in the depths of the castle, or around the grounds.

A cobweb in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Hogwarts Legacy has a few other fire-conjuring spells - including a projectile - that'll work just fine. You'll just need to progress quite far in to unlock them. You'll be able to burn up webs from a distance from that point on, but what's really the point if you're not there to walk through whatever it is they're blocking? For all intents and purposes, Incendio works just fine to deal with any webs you come across.

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