Hogwarts Legacy wands - How to equip and change your wand

A witch getting her wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

A witch getting her wand in Hogwarts Legacy.
April 6, 2023: Know whether you can change wands in Hogwarts Legacy.

With Hogwarts Legacy set to release soon, one of the most important decisions that you'll be making as a new witch or wizard is picking your wand. But is the wand that you pick the only one you get, or can you change your wand in Hogwarts Legacy? Thanks to a treasure trove of information coming out ahead of the February release, we now know the answer.

The wand is your primary source of spell slinging in this game. This includes any offensive and defensive spells used in combat, and utility spells that you'll use as you explore the world. Witches and wizards have a personal connection to their wants, so knowing how you'll go about getting one in Hogwarts Legacy is an important part of the experience.

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Can you change your wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are a few ways to get your wand. For the die-hard Harry Potter fans out there, you'll be able to use the wand assigned to your fan account by linking the game to your Wizarding World Harry Potter Fan Club login. This will also dictate the house you're put in.

For anyone else, you'll go through the wand ceremony as normal.

Once you pick a wand, that's the one you'll use for the entirety of the save file. This is confirmed by WB Games Support over on Twitter, which explained that you're able to change the outcome of the ceremony, but only while the ceremony is taking place. Once you decide to progress further, you'll lose your chance to change and lock those selections in for that save file.

The same goes for your Hogwarts Legacy house and robes. Once you pick them and exit out of the entrance ceremory, you'll be locked to your choices for the remainer of your save file. That means you'll need to start a fresh file and character to try something different. They're only cosmetic, though, so don't expect much to change. Thankfully, the Hogwarts Legacy transmog system will at least allow you to wear some different duds.

And that's all you need to know about changing your wand in Hogwarts Legacy. While you're here, definitely consider checking out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides, such as our full quest list, our guide to getting into the Headmaster's office, and our House Tokens locations guide.

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