Hogwarts Legacy pets - Can you get them?

The character in Hogwarts Legacy.

The character in Hogwarts Legacy.
February 10, 2023: We have looked through our information now that the game is out.

Hedwig and other pets play a vital role in the Harry Potter books and movies. Therefore, fans are wondering if you’ll be able to get one of your own in Hogwarts Legacy. It would be fun to have Hogwarts Legacy pets that perfectly match your character.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pets in the game, from whether they’re a feature at all to what kinds of pets might be an option.

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Pets in Hogwarts Legacy

Two characters in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Yes, there are pets in Hogwarts Legacy. This being said, they may be a little different to what you expect. You can catch creatures in the wild to save them from being killed by poachers or hunters. They are then sent to the Room of Requirements.

What pets are likely to appear in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is based on the original world of Harry Potter. Characters, spells, and other stuff are taken directly from original books. So, there is a high chance that pets in Hogwarts Legacy will be taken from books as well.

The original world contains just six domesticated pets: owls, cats, toads, rats, spiders, and Bats. Therefore, we'd expect those six to also appear in Hogwarts Legacy, with more potentially being added by Portkey Games.

How to get pets in Hogwarts Legacy

The building in Hogwarts Legacy.
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If you are looking to get pets in Hogwarts Legacy, you first have to take the beasts class. This will teach you how everything works.

That’s it for what we know so far about pets in Hogwarts Legacy. We'd expect for you to be able to have your own Hedwig in the game, but we'll update you once that is confirmed. While you are here, make sure you check our guide on how to get the Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy. Also be sure to check out our guides to beat the pensieve guardian, and our guide to the House token locations.

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