How to change equipped spells in Hogwarts Legacy

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The player character is using a spell in Hogwarts Legacy.
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March 28, 2023: Here is how to change equipped spells in Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you have a wide choice of magic spells. At some point, you will need to decide which ones you want to cast. So, this guide will tell you how to change equipped spells in Hogwarts Legacy.


Hogwarts Legacy has a huge list of magic spells. Knowing how to change and equip them is an essential part of the gameplay, and today we will help you to learn this mechanic.

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The spells skill tree in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to change equipped spells in Hogwarts Legacy

You can have only four magic spells on your action bar at any one time in Hogwarts Legacy. So, if you want to get a different skill set then you will need to know how to change it. Below is the list of steps you need to follow to change spells:

  • Open the menu with magic spells.
  • Press the Right button on your D-pad.
  • Highlight the spell you want to equip.
  • Press the button you want to assign this magic spell to (for example, on PS5 it can be the Cross, Circle, Square, or Triangle action buttons).

The buttons you need to use depend on your platform. However, the process of changing equipped spells is the same for all platforms.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can use many different magic spells, and you will unlock more of them by progressing through the game. So, when you have to use a certain magic spell to beat new enemies, or have discovered a more powerful one, changing your equip order is easy.

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