How to find Jackdaw's Head in the pumpkins in Hogwarts Legacy

pumpkin patch in hogwarts legacy

pumpkin patch in hogwarts legacy
April 6, 2023: Read on to know how to find Jackdaw's head in Hogwarts Legacy.

One of the most unique quests in Hogwarts Legacy asks you to find Jackdaw's head in the pumpkins. Most main quests in the game feature a puzzle of some kind. A door to open, a certain spell to use, or a combination of both, there's usually something to solve. Here's a quick way to figure this one out.

Jackdaw is one of the ghosts at Hogwarts, with nearly-headless Nick and the rest of the gang. For him to agree to meet you in the Forbidden Forest to show you were his body is, you need to find his head amongst a load of pumpkins five times. While it seems tricky at first, and I initially wasted a lot of time, there's a quick tell for where you'll find Jackdaw's head hiding.

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How to find Jackdaw's Head in the pumpkins in Hogwarts Legacy

While the watching and laughing ghosts say you can just spam your attack spell to destroy them, you'll find that takes ages and ages, just as I did.

That's because whenever a pumpkin goes off screen after you destroy it, it respawns. Therefore, you could be going on forever and ever and not find Jackdaw's head.

Instead of aimlessly destroying the pumpkins, you need to be more considered and look for telltale signs of where Jackdaw is hiding.

If you look closely and you hunt around the house, you notice that one pumpkin will be shaking a little, almost like a Poke Ball would be when catching a Pokemon in the games.

jackdaw's head hiding in a pumpkin in Hogwarts Legacy
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That's the telltale sign that Jackdaw is hiding inside. Destroy the shaking pumpkin and he'll go hide in another. Simple look for the next shaking pumpkin and destroy it. Find Jackdaw's head five times and you'll have completed the challenge.

Then, you'll be able to go and find Jackdaw in the Forbidden Forest before you go to find an important item in Hogwarts Legacy's story.

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