Pokemon GO Fast Catch Trick Guide

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When all the layers of Pokemon GO are pulled back, catching Pokemon will remain at its core, and players spend a ton of time doing so. Learning how to use the quick catch method in Pokemon GO can save players a lot of time, especially during time-sensitive events.

Players should not before they learn the quick catch method in Pokemon GO that it is not a feature of the game itself. Rather, the quick catch is an exploit in the game that also requires some practice to pull. The move itself isn't too difficult, but the quick catch will need two hands to pull off for most players.


How to use the quick catch method in Pokemon GO

Once players have found the Pokemon they want, tap on it and begin the encounter the same as any other. The first real step from there is to hold down on the icon for berries, but don't let go. If the berry menu opens up then players should remove their finger and hold down on the icon again.

Drag the icon slightly to the right towards the Pokeball and don't let go. This is where the second hand comes in, and with one finger still holding the berry icon to the right, throw a Pokeball at the Pokemon. If the quick catch method went through, the run icon or option will remain at the top left of the screen.

If done correctly, players can leave as soon as the ball connects and check their Pokemon storage. If it is there, the catch was successful. If it isn't, then the throw wasn't going to work. Keep in mind that the quick catch should be used with caution for Pokemon that have a higher significance for a given player in Pokemon GO, such as raid bosses or rare catches.