How to find the Slytherin Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Common Room
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March 20, 2023: We checked our information

Wanting to slither in and around the common rooms? If you're wanting to know how to find the Slytherin common room in Hogwarts Legacy, this is what you need to do. Compared to the other common rooms, Slytherin's is a much spookier offering, with lots of dark green and greys lining its dank interior.


Whether you're a member of Slytherin or curious to see what's behind closed doors, it's definitely worth spending time to track down the common room to add some extra context to your time in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Each of the four common rooms has its flaws so don't get too excited when you make it inside.

Before you attempt to find the Slytherin common room, take a look at our Hogwarts Legacy guides showcasing how to open puzzle doors alongside the full potions list.

How to enter the Slytherin Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

The Slytherin common room is harder to find due to its dungeon-like structure. The entrance resembles a normal wall so you'll need to do a bit of investigating to find the exact location.


Like the Gryffindor common room, you'll need a password to enter if you're a Slytherin student. Once you use the correct password, the resting snake statue will slither upward, arching its body to reveal the passageway to the common room.

Some areas of the Slytherin common room contain underground rooms which allow you to see what's happening in the waters of the Black Lake through the windows. Giving off a green hue as light passes through, it's as much a sewer as it is an aquarium.

Can you enter the Slytherin Common Room as another house?

Not through normal means. If you're not representing Slytherin, there's no way of accessing the common room no matter how much effort you put in. That being said, a way has been found to glitch into any common room as well as some other places in the game.


Where are the other Hogwarts Legacy Common Rooms?

Gryffindor common room

Ravenclaw Common Room

Hufflepuff Common Room


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That's how to enter the Slytherin common room in Hogwarts Legacy. For more tips and tricks to help you in the wizarding world, take a look at our House Tokens location list and our Helm of Urtkot quest walkthrough.