Can you swim in Hogwarts Legacy?

The player character getting ready to swim in Hogwarts Legacy.

The player character getting ready to swim in Hogwarts Legacy.
April 7, 2023: Learn whether you can swim in Hogwarts Legacy.

Already dreaming up all the ways you'll roam around the grounds of the greatest school of witchcraft and wizardry? Though you can fly on your broom unrestricted, can you swim in Hogwarts Legacy? We finally have the answer to a question you might not even have asked.

Traversal in Hogwarts Legacy is bound to be a major talking point. We've always dreamed of exploring the castle grounds, and although the early movie tie-in games let us do just that, they were still bound by the limitations of early 3D game engines. With Portkey Games' version taking the modern open-world approach, just how free are we to explore? Here's what we know.

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Can you swim in Hogwarts Legacy?

With numerous journalists and influencers having played the game toward the tail-end of January, we now know for certain that you can swim in Hogwarts Legacy.

The whole who trailed the treacherous waters around the Hogwarts castle grounds was YouTuber RetroRaconteur, who took a swim for science around the Boathouse area. During the demo, we can see a prompt to swim faster using L3.

The content creator also didn't swim far out in the body of water wrapping around Hogwarts, so we can't be sure a fatigue meter or invisible wall will come into play at any point, but we at least know you'll be able to swim to little alcoves and coasts, so expect the odd explorable cave to be discovered somewhere down there.

Cairns are mentioned in the achievements list, so maybe that's what you'll want to look out for.

Can you dive in Hogwarts Legacy?

While you're certainly able to dive in the sense of plummeting back down to earth from your broomstick, you don't seem to be able to dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy just yet. So don't go prematurely thinking you can recreate the Tri-Wizard Tournament or dive down for treasure. The preview didn't prompt anyone to do so.

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