How to see house points in Hogwarts Legacy

Professor Black in Hogwarts Legacy.

Professor Black in Hogwarts Legacy.
April 6, 2023: Here is how to see your house points in Hogwarts Legacy.

Not sure how to see house points in Hogwarts Legacy? You can't check how many house points you have in Hogwarts Legacy very easily. Nobody is keeping any sort of tally on their person, and no amount of digging through the menus will reveal how your team is doing in the school year. But there is a way.

Real quick, we're going to cover the lot about house points in Hogwarts Legacy. Beyond explaining how to check how many you and your classmates have accumulated, we'll go over what they do, how to earn more, and how to get them taken away from other houses. It's all in good fun.

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How to check house points in Hogwarts Legacy

Earned a few points in your potions class but not sure to see the contribution you made? That's easy. While you can't see how many house points your fellow pupils have managed to accrue in a menu, you can go to a specific section of the castle to check.

To check how many house points you have, just head to the main reception area of the castle. You'll find it between the main entrance with the Hogwarts crest on the staircase, and the Great Hall where the Sorting Ceremony took place.

There, you should see four large tubs against the wall between the Great Hall and the Reception doors. Each tube represents one of the four houses, with the crests on each letting you know which one is which.

Simply put, the more a tube is filled, the more points that house has. So if the tube for your own house is more full than the rest, you're safe: your house is in the lead. If not, you'd better get to work.

How to get more house points

House points are primarily awarded by making the right choices in the few classes you participate in. Likewise, other characters can answer questions as well, getting points for their house in the process.

How to take points from other houses

There are some NPC interactions that can cause characters to loose points for their respective houses. One such example is if you help Garreth Weasley make his own potion during the class that teaches you the Wiggenwald recipe.

He'll get points deducted from his house. And if you admit to Professor Black that you helped, he'll decide against taking points from your own house, leaving you in the clear.

Look out for situations where you can essentially sabotage another character and then either deflect blame to someone else or own up to your actions.

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