How to unlock Depulso in Hogwarts Legacy - Professor Sharp's Assignment 1 quest guide

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The player character speaking to Professor Sharp in Hogwarts Legacy.
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March 14, 2023: Read on to learn Depulso in no time!

Unlocking spells in Hogwarts Legacy can be challenging at times, because of all the assignments that you need to complete. Depulso is one of the most important spells in the game, as it allows you to move objects around. and you can get it very early in the game. Here is a rundown of everything you need to do in the assignment to unlock Depulso in Hogwarts Legacy.


It is impossible to miss Professor Sharp’s Assignment that unlocks the Depulso spell but completing it can be a challenge for some players. Therefore, this guide will explain exactly how to unlock Depulso, so you're ready to move objects in mid-air using your trickery.

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How to unlock Depulso in Hogwarts Legacy

There are no pre-requisite quests to unlock Professor Sharp’s first Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy. As soon as you meet the Professor for the first time, you will be able to take on the Assignment. But to unlock Depulso, you need to get three potions: Focus, Maxima, and Edurus.


You need to consume the Focus potion to complete the first part of the Assignment. Then, you need to consume the Edurus and Maimuma potions at the same time to fulfil the second part of the Assignment. Once you are done, you need to talk to Professor Sharp, and you will unlock the Depulso spell.

You can pick up recipes for the Maxima and Focus Potions from J. Pippin’s shop in Hogsmeade. But do be warned, as the recipes can cost a ton of Galleons. Purchasing Focus will set you back 1,200 Galleons and the Maxima Potion will cost you 500 Galleons. The Edurus recipe can be obtained from the Potions Class main quest. If you do not have access to the Edurus potion just yet, keep progressing with the campaign and you will have it eventually.

Here are the recipes for all of the quests:


Hogwarts Legacy Depulso quest item locations

If you are having trouble finding some of the ingredients, here are some pointers on where to find them.

Once you brew all three potions, consume the Focus potion to complete part one of the Assignment. Them, consume the Maxima and Edurus potions at the same time to tick off the second part of the quest. Once you are done, head back to Professor Sharp and unlock the Depulso spell.


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