Hogwarts Legacy Flying Off the Shelves quest book locations

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Accepting the Flying Off the Shelves quest in Hogwarts Legacy.
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March 3, 2023: Learn how to finish the Flying Off the Shelves quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

In your efforts to unlock everything the game has to offer, you'll have to know how to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Flying Off the Shelves quest at some point or another. And if you're struggling to figure out the book locations, keep reading. It's a fast and easy quest, but it is possible to miss one or two of the requirements.


Down below, we'll quickly go over how best to go about completing the Flying Off the Shelves quest in Hogwarts Legacy - from where to start it, what you'll need to complete it, and how to find the books needed to complete the quest. There's a key feature locked behind it, so the sooner you complete it, the better.

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How to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Flying Off the Shelves quest - Start point and all book locations

To start the Flying Off the Shelves quest, you just need to find Cressida Bloom in the Central Hall of the Library Annex. She's up on one of the balconies looks concerned.


Just talk to her and she'll tell you that she accidentally turned a few library books (and her diary) into birds with a makeshift charm. They flew out of her back and she wants to you collect them before the librarian finds out. Easy.

How to find the books

All five of Cressida's books can be found in the library. It's like they couldn't wait to return home. Just head through either the left or right door around the corner from her and go down the short steps into the library.

Finding the books in the Flying Off the Shelves quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Three of the five missing books are on this floor: one as soon as you walk in, flying around the central area, one on the left side of the room, and one on the right. Use your Accio spell to grab them from the sky. You can read more about this in our guide on how to catch flying Field Guide books.

The final two are on the top floor of the library. Just head to the opposite side of the room and up the spiral staircase. Again, you'll find a book on both the left and right side up here, fluttering around. Use Accio to collect them and return to Cressida back in the hall.

For your efforts, you'll unlock some wand handles, which work much the same way as robes and other equipment. You'll need to progress far enough in the main story to get your own wand from Ollivander's first, but you can start building a collection earlier than that.


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