Hogwarts Legacy controls guide - Full control scheme

A Hogwarts Legacy character walking through a dark outside corridor.

A Hogwarts Legacy character walking through a dark outside corridor.
April 7, 2023: Our Hogwarts Legacy controls guide contains everything you need!

With Hogwarts Legacy out now, you can expect many ways to interact with the magical world. From casting spells to solving puzzles, there are a lot of controls to figure out and remember, to make your wizarding experience worthwhile.

To prepare for the game and so you have an idea of the controls, check out our Hogwarts Legacy controls guide below. We'll run through all the shortcuts you need to know, to make your journey through this fantasy world seamless.

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Hogwarts Legacy controls guide

There are quite a lot of controls and buttons to remember for Hogwarts Legacy. But you should be familiar with the basics, and get used to them to integrate more advanced controls later. Note that the controls below apply to PlayStation controllers, but are equally mirrored by Xbox game pads.

A controls guide in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Be ready with the controls you'll need to remember for the game.

For basic movement, use the left analogue stick to get around your way when walking in Hogwarts Legacy. If you feel like going on a run, you can sprint with the L3 button. To change your view, you can also move around your camera to get a better view of what you should look for, and to navigate your avatar, using the right analogue stick. Aside from moving around, you can also do jumps to overcome obstacles with the X button, and do dodge rolls with the O button to evade enemy spells and attacks.

When it comes to actually casting spells, you can access your Active Spell Set by holding the R2 button, and tap the same button to cast some spells. Combine R2 with the different shape buttons to produce different action combinations for your spells.

Once you know the basic movements, you can familiarise yourself with controls to navigate the game itself. This includes the Charmed Compass accessed by the up-arrow button, checking your Spell Menu with the right-arrow button, and using ghd Healing option via the down-arrow button on your controller. While there are more controls to harness your skills, you can check out the screenshot above for a better visual of what you should remember in playing the game.

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