How to run in Hogwarts Legacy

A cake in a bathroom stall in Hogwarts Legacy.

A cake in a bathroom stall in Hogwarts Legacy.
March 15, 2023: The game has now released, so we've checked our information.

Need to know how to run in Hogwarts Legacy? While we're certain there's a rule that forbids booking it around the halls of the Scottish castle, there's no hall monitor to enforce them, and the teachers don't really seem to care if you're attending class or casting curses on your fellow students.

If you're looking to get around Hogwarts at speed, running is certainly your main option. Mounts, brooms, and Floo Flames can help, but they're only good in certain situations, later in the game, or for retracing your steps around previously visited areas of the castle grounds. For everything else, you'll want to get using those feet.

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How do you run in Hogwarts Legacy?

Sprinting, running, jogging - whatever you want to call it, it's something you can do in Hogwarts Legacy seemingly without repercussion or consequence. By default, you'll take a leisurely stroll or a gentle prance depending on how far forward you push the left joystick. But by holding another button, you'll dash at high speeds with no need to ever catch your breath.

To run in Hogwarts Legacy, just click the left joystick while you're walking. Technically known as L3, using the stick as a button toggles running, allowing you to turn that jog into a full-on charge for as long as you keep going.

Stop, or press L3 again, and you'll go straight back to that leisurely stroll. Just click L3 again while pushing forward to accelerate at high speeds. Not quite like a car, but you won't even slow down as you launch your way up the many staircases of Hogwarts. It's leg day every day here.

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