Remnant 2 guides hub - Everything you need to know

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The cover image for Remnant 2
Credit: Remnant 2

Gunfire Games set the bar incredibly high when they brought out Remnant: From The Ashes, and they certainly levelled up with the sequel, Remnant 2. An immersive, unique and, at times, unforgiving title, Remnant 2 has all the ingredients to satisfy the hunger of players seeking games with Soulslike elements. That's why our Remnant 2 guides hub is so handy!

Remnant 2 features an ever-changing combination of four main worlds and will have no two players experiencing the game in the same order. With a wealth of dungeons, tough decisions to make, and a plethora of hidden gems along the way, it'll keep you happily occupied for an endless number of hours.

With so much content included in the game, we've got you covered with our Remnant 2 hub! Whether you are looking for a certain weapon, are struggling to make the right choice, or simply want to build a near-indestructible character, we'll help you out!

Before you play

There will be a lot to wrap your head around when you kick-start your Remnant 2 journey. Get informed on the techy stuff and a few pre-game specifics that you might want to know ahead of time.


This is the go-to spot for all player FAQs. From basic movement mechanics to dealing with awful Root Rot, we'll clarify any of the hazy details below.


Remnant 2 features a number of character classes, known as Archetypes. While the options seem a little limited at first, there are many more to be discovered on your journey. Here is all you need to know about the game's Archetypes, and how to unlock the secret ones.

The Archon Archetype from Remnant 2
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Credit: Remnant 2
You might need some help unlocking this one, they didn't make it easy!

Choices, puzzles, and quests

Remnant is absolutely brimming with puzzles, tough choices, and brutal bosses. Whether you're looking for a code to a locked chest or have been running in circles trying to solve a puzzle, let us give you some hints.

Weapons, resources, and gear

Gunfire Games were not shy in creating a tough challenge for players at all levels - even the easiest difficulty is a handful. As such, we'll provide some moral support by guiding you on the best weapons and gear you can grab in the game to turn your foes to dust.

You've got your study materials, now go and save the world from the dreaded Root! Be sure to come back again soon, we will keep this Remnant 2 hub updated as we make new discoveries!

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