All Remnant 2 Archetypes - Difficulties and roles

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remnant 2 archetype gunslinger challenger and medic running together

A great improvement from the first game is the introduction of the expanded Remnant 2 archetypes mechanic that allows you to customize builds by equipping various perks and skills. You unlock five distinct archetypes, which can be equipped and levelled up to boost and benefit passive bonuses and active skills. Here’s a detailed guide with everything you need to know about all the archetypes in Remnant 2, including which appear to be the best.

Archetypes serve to provide you will all the tools necessary for a solid build, with each type adding a unique flavour to your strategy. Each archetype serves a specific role, and later on in the game, you can mix and match your favourite perks for some truly powerful combinations. Picking the right Remnant 2 archetype is important, especially on your first couple of playthroughs.

All Remnant 2 Archetypes, roles, and difficulties

Without further ado, let’s jump in and see all the Remnant 2 archetypes and what sets them apart. We'll also be commenting on their roles and the overall difficulty of playing each archetype in Remnant 2. That should help you find the one that could suit your play style.

Remnant 2 archetype gunslinger
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  • Role: Ranged DPS Threat
  • Difficulty: Normal difficulty, as you require good aiming and mechanical skills to get the most value out of Gunslinger’s kit.

A highly offensive archetype, Gunslinger wields a massive arsenal of weapons that are never lacking in ammunition and firepower. With a perk that instantly reloads their weapon, providing infinite bullets for a while, Gunslinger turns any fight into a face-paced octane-fueled action scene. This archetype is perfect for players who enjoy an adrenaline rush from constantly pumping lead into big monsters.

Remnant 2 archetype handler
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  • Role: Team Support and Summoner
  • Difficulty: Normal difficulty as coordination and teamwork are essential to maximizing Handler’s utility, which includes micro-managing the pet companion.

A well-rounded archetype with offensive, defensive, and support qualities, Handler can be relied upon for just about everything, especially teamwork. They prefer entering the battle with their trusty pet companion, which even helps revive them when they’re downed. Their abilities to command a pet and provide valuable utility to the team make them a strong solo and co-op Archetype.

Remnant 2 archetype challenger
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  • Role: Melee Bruiser Tank
  • Difficulty: Beginner difficulty as Challenger’s survivability allows you to overwhelm enemy hordes, making easy work of them with heightened melee skills.

If you prefer defensive characters that can absorb just about any attack, the Challenger archetype is what you’re looking for. Made to face off opponents at a close range, their toughness allows them to deal massive bursts of damage with heightened survivability. Moreover, with a perk that lets you tank a fatal hit, you can conquer any foe by outliving them.

Remnant 2 archetype hunter
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  • Role: Ranged DPS Threat
  • Difficulty: Very High difficulty as remarkable positioning and aim, along with the ability to spot and mark distant enemies, is required to play Hunter.

A treat for competitive shooter lovers, Hunter requires excellent mechanical and aiming skills to master. It’s an offensive archetype, designed for long-ranged fights, with a perk that allows extended skill usage by targeting the Ranged Weakspot. If you feel confident in your aim and enemy marking skills, Hunter is just the archetype for you.

Remnant 2 archetype medic
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  • Role: Well-Rounded Healer Support
  • Difficulty: Beginner difficulty as Medic is viable in all sorts of situations, providing significant HP regeneration and Relic charges for the team, with easily digestible mechanics.

One of the best support archetypes that are viable in both a party of friends or solo, Medics make the spongy enemies and gank fights more approachable with increased survivability. Their ability to constantly regenerate the HP, with a perk that provides additional Relic charges, can ease up the challenge and increase the odds of a team coming out victorious against hordes of enemies.

That's everything you need to know about Remnant 2's archetypes and how to play them. Be sure to check out the pre-order bonus for unlocking Gunslinger early and how many players can play together. Also, check out our Remnant 2 guides on how the new relics work.

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