Remnant 2 relics explained - How to upgrade relics and get Relic Fragments

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remnant 2 dragonheart relic

Remnant 2 relics have taken a major shift. They’re drastically different to their counterparts in the original game. So in this guide, we’re going to break down what’s changed and how you can change and upgrade your relics in-game. Relics play a major part in building customisation and the control you have over your traits.

While the first game only allowed for healing through the Dragon Heart, in Remnant 2, you can do a lot more. Selecting the proper Relic for your character and equipping it with appropriate fragments will make you feel a lot more powerful. So let's take a look at the system and how to utilise them.

What are Relics in Remant 2?

Relics are reusable consumable items that provide you with powerful effects in combat. Your Relic will generally be slotted into your first quickslot, which you can utilise with the "1" key on PC.

The first one you receive will be the Dragon Heart, and you can use it to heal back a lot of your HP. It can hold up to 3 charges at first, and these charges are replenished whenever you rest at a World Crystal.

Additionally, each Relic will also have 3 slots where you can add in Fragments for some stat bonuses. But more on those later.

How to change Relics in Remnant 2

The game will notify you whenever you gain a new Relic, and these will usually have the word "Heart" in their name. Clearing the main quests of most biomes will grant you a new boon. For example, you get the Siphon Heart Relic for clearing the Ner'ud questline.

remnant 2 siphon heart relic
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Once you receive a new Relic, you can head over to your character profile screen and click on your current relic. You'll see a menu displaying all your available relics. Just pick the one you'd like to equip. However, you will still have to manually transfer your Relic Fragments over.

How to upgrade Relics in Remnant 2

You can upgrade your Relics and increase the charges available as you progress through the story.

More charges mean more buffs and healing, so doing this will allow you to make more progress every time you leave a World Crystal. To upgrade your Relic charges, head over to Wallace, the NPC who gives you your archetype. He will upgrade your Relic for the cost of a Simulacrum and some scrap.

What are Fragments in Remnant 2?

In addition to multiple Relics, each one now has three slots total for Relic Fragments. These come in three types; blue, yellow, and red. So red fragments enhance damage, while blue and yellow enhance defence and utility respectively.

remnant 2 relic fragments
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How to get Relic Fragments in Remnant 2

You'll get Relic Fragments by defeating powerful enemies, bosses, and opening chests. You can also craft them at the Relic Fragment merchant, Dwell.


As you gain more Fragments of the same type, they will level up and increase the bonus they provide. With the right Relic Fragment focus, you can provide some major stat buffs to your builds in Remnant 2.

So there you have it! That's all you need to know about Relics in Remnant 2. But for more guides, be sure to check out how every archetype works and if Remnant 2 is coming to Game Pass. Additionally, you can check our Remnant 2 guides on how to dual archetype, plus how the difficulty and enemy scaling work.

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