Will Remnant 2 be on Game Pass?

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The original Remnant: From the Ashes is considered an underappreciated title by many fans, and we're all excited to see the polish Gunfire Games can bring to the sequel. As such, we're all wondering if Remnant 2 is coming to Game Pass or not.

Microsoft's Game Pass is one of their most appreciated features, as it provides subscribers with access to a rotating roster of games for a very low price. This includes AAA titles. We could potentially see Remnant 2 become of the latest addition to this fantastic service.

So let's find out if Remnant 2 is on Game Pass or not. Also, for more guides, be sure to check out if Remnant 2 will have crossplay and a dedicated PvP mode.

Will Remnant 2 be on Game Pass?

Currently, Remnant 2 is not slated to be included on Game Pass on release. However, this does not mean that Remnant 2 will not be featured on Microsoft's service eventually. In fact, the first game, Remnant: From the Ashes, was a part of Game Pass' library for a considerable amount of time before being taken off in May 2022.

This means that we might see Remnant 2 on Game Pass some months after its launch. This news may be disappointing to players hoping to play Remnant 2 early for cheap. However, if you're patient, you might eventually be able to get your hands on Remnant 2 via Game Pass.

Other alternatives if you're looking to get your hands on Remnant 2 on the cheap are the Humble Bundles, which can potentially see you save some money on the game that is set to release on 25 July.


Remnant 2 is priced cheaper than standard current generation Triple A titles, and it's worth checking out. Be sure to check out all the available pre-order bonuses for Remnant 2.

And that's all you need to know! We'll have more Remnant 2 guides in the future for you to enjoy.

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