Will Remnant 2 have PvP?

Remnant 2 hunter with glowing eyes shooting pvp
Credit: GunFire Games

Remnant 2 hunter with glowing eyes shooting pvp
Credit: GunFire Games

Remnant: From the Ashes was a blast to play through with your friends in one great Borderlands-style campaign. Naturally, fans are wondering if Remnant 2 will have PvP?

While Remnant: From the Ashes did not have a dedicated PvP, it did have friendly fire and achievements related to it. Remnant 2 is definitely technically advanced enough to include PvP, but the devs and player base might have a different philosophy in mind. So, let's learn about the inclusion and future of PvP in Remnant 2.

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Does Remnant 2 have PvP?

No, currently, there is no dedicated PvP in Remnant 2, and the developers have not mentioned any addition of such a game mode. If PvP were to be included in Remnant 2, they would have surely included in the gameplay trailers and other promotional material, especially the one showcasing the game's co-op systems.

Remnant 2 sequel PvPvP
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Credit: Gunfire Games
Remnant 2 looks like a perfect sequel

Therefore, you won't be able to compete against players in PvP showdowns in Remnant 2 anytime soon.

However, there are three major DLCs planned for Remnant 2, and it might be possible that we get a dedicated PvP game mode for Remnant 2 there. In fact, some Souls titles have other players invading your world as minibosses during gameplay. Having such a feature in a well-polished shooter like Remnant 2 would be very cool.

On the other hand, the exclusion of PvP in Remnant 2 could be good as it would allow the developers to focus on crafting a great story campaign. PvE has always been the strong point for the Remnant games, and Gunfire Games is dedicated to expanding and polishing this potential in Remnant 2.

So yes, while you might not be able to play PvP with your friends in Remnant 2, there will be a lot of well-crafted content to scour through together. This includes multiple playthroughs, each with unique biomes, events, bosses, loot and much more.

That's all you need to know about PvP in Remnant 2. For more content, we answer a burning community question - is Remnant 2 on Game Pass?

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