All Remnant 2 pre-order bonuses

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Remnant 2 pre-order bonuses
Credit: Gunfire Games

Finding out what pre-order bonuses Remnant 2 has can make or break your decision to spend money on the game. The first game carved a sizeable following due to its robust mechanics and extremely challenging but fun gameplay loop. If you're a fan looking to start Remnant 2 as soon as possible, you might want to check out all the available editions.

While you can buy the game at the standard price before and after launch, pre-ordering Remnant 2 will let you enjoy some early access perks and bonuses. Let's take a look at all three editions of Remnant 2 and their pre-order bonuses.

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Remnant 2 pre order editions and bonuses

As we mentioned earlier, three Remnant 2 editions are available for pre-order. All of them come with the game, obviously, but the more expensive ones come with a few extra perks that you'll get to enjoy. One of the most attractive Remnant 2 pre-order bonuses is the early access feature for the game.

So let's check out what each edition offers and if it's worth your money.

Remnant 2 Standard Edition pre-order bonuses

The standard edition of Remnant 2 will cost you $50 which is a somewhat lower price for most modern AAA releases.

It comes with the base game and an early unlock for the Gunslinger archetype decked out with three offensive skills as a pre-order bonus in Remnant 2. All subsequent editions also come with the Gunslinger archetype unlocked, as well as additional perks.

Remnant 2 Deluxe Edition pre-order bonuses

The Deluxe Edition costs $60, and on top of the Gunslinger archetype, you also get three exclusive armor sets.

  • Elder armor set
  • Radiant armor set
  • Void armor set

While they may just be Armor sets, these were some of the most powerful armor sets in the first game and will make your gameplay experience a lot easier.

Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition pre-order bonuses

The final most expensive edition of Remnant 2 costs $70 and comes with the most perks. It includes all the bonuses from the previous editions and adds even more pre order bonuses.

  • Three days early access to Remnant 2
  • (1000 Scrap, 10 Iron, 2 Mudtooth Elixir, 5 Bloodroot, 3 Ammo Boxes)
  • Access to all three future DLCs

While this might not seem like a lot, it might be worth it if you're a hardcore fan who feels they will be sinking a lot of time into Remnant 2. Getting a head start on everyone while having powerful armor is useful.

Remnant 2 pre order bonuses for all editions
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That's all you need to know about the various editions and Remnant 2 pre-order bonuses.

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