Remnant 2 co-op explained

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remnant 2 co-op 3 players playing together
September 13, 2023: The game launches out of early access today, so check out whether you can play Remnant 2 in co-op below!

Remnant 2 is a third-person shooter that borrows the Dark Souls formula for a satisfying mish-mash of multiple genres. However, where the game really stands out is its seamless co-op multiplayer, where you and your friends can challenge the campaign together. If you're looking to play Remnant 2 co-op, you will want to know how many players can play.

Remnant 2 can be a completely different experience depending on whether you play the game solo or with friends. The number of players will drastically alter your overall Remnant 2 co-op experience as the enemies scale accordingly, and you have more roles to fill. So let's find out how many players can play Remnant 2 co-op.

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How many players can play Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 features a story campaign that can be enjoyed by up to three people in tandem. The host can invite up to two friends to aid them in combat. The number of players greatly alters how you handle encounters and boss fights, so it's an important consideration.

Does co-op campaign progress carry over into solo mode in Remnant 2?

Note that this also means that, similar to the first game, story progression will also only be saved on the host's campaign. If you play through the campaign in another player's world, it won’t contribute to your own campaign progress. However, your character retains all their gear and talents, making your own campaign progression a lot easier.

Can you join a friend in Remnant 2 co-op regardless of campaign progress?


The Remnant 2 co-op system is fairly friendly and allows for a drop-in and drop-out style of gameplay. You can join your friends regardless of where they are in the story. Obviously this works the other way around, too.

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