How long Remnant 2 takes to beat

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remnant 2 late game boss

The latest action RPG shooter by Gunfire Games, Remnant 2, is rapidly reaching its release date. As July 25 approaches, a big question that many anticipating players want to be answered is about the time it takes to finish the game. While the total time depends on every player’s experience, we can still give you a decent idea of how long it takes to beat Remnant 2.

Knowing the full scope of the game can help you decide whether the game is worth its price tag. Some games may have a AAA price tag but consist of a campaign that runs a meagre six hours with no replayability, feeling somewhat overpriced. So, to avoid any ambiguities and have your queries answered once and for all, let’s dive into the game and answer the question, how long is Remnant 2?

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How long is Remnant 2?

Answering the question, “How long does it take to beat Remnant 2?” is tricky. This is due to the dynamic nature of the world; everyone’s gameplay experience can significantly vary. The game's main campaign roughly runs for 20 hours, which is a decent length if you only explore the main areas and fight the compulsory bosses.

That said, the following are the estimated number of hours you can invest in a single run of Remnant 2, depending on your playstyle.

Normal Exploration Rushed Exploration Thorough Exploration
Main Quests 20 Hours 12 Hours 30 Hours
Main + Side Quests 30 Hours 25 Hours 50 Hours
All Achievements 50 Hours 30 Hours 80 Hours

Keep in mind that these estimates reflect our experience with the game and can be slightly different for you, depending on your style. Moreover, the element of jolly cooperation means you can invest hundreds of hours into playing with your friends, trying out all sorts of builds, and exploring dozens of biomes and dungeons. Loot is shared so it’s never a waste of time either!

Another factor affecting the time it takes to beat Remnant 2 is your selected difficulty. Due to the presence of crushingly challenging enemies and bosses, playing on greater difficulty means you may have to run through one area and fight the same opponents multiple times, adding to the length of the game!

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